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Not all dog vitamins are created equal. has found what we consider the best dog vitamins on the market and they are the only one we offer on this website.

We are proud to offer Ultimate Health For Dogs™ Liquid Dog Vitamins Formula with Joint Support & Mangosteen. Order here.

We have it priced just right, so it won't break the bank for you.

One 32 oz. bottle represents a two-month supply for dogs under 50 pounds and is only $39.97.

Shipping is FREE!

We found one dog vitamin product that:

  • Addresses inflammation and pain issues naturally. Older dogs especially appreciate this benefit.
  • Helps relieve itching with a natural anti-histamine. Say good-bye to seasonal grass allergies, paw biting, and hot spots.
  • Contains no sugars, malts, or corn syrups.
  • Has 70 trace minerals in an apple cider vinegar base.
  • Raw pork liver concentrate is used as flavor.

Liquid dog vitamins absorb faster and better than pills or powders.

According to Pet Age Magazine, December 2010 issue, "Liquid supplements also are absorbed more quickly than powders or tightly compressed tablets, which can pass through a pet's digestive system without breaking down." What good does giving pills or powders do if their bio-availability is near zero for your dog's system? Watch this very short video from Ultimate Health For Dogs™ owner, John Shull, as he talks about this subject.

So, if liquids are better, why don't you see more liquid dog vitamins in the stores or online?

There's a couple of reasons you don't see many liquid dog vitamins on the market. The main reason is that they are more expensive to make then the pills and powders. The other reason is that since they weigh more, they are more expensive to ship.

Companies often do things which work for themselves rather than the customer.

We look at Ultimate Health For Dogs™ as the shing light in the dog supplement industry. Not only did they go to the extra expense of producing a liquid, but somehow they have also managed to keep costs under control so we can have it priced right  for you. 

UHFD - Liquid Dog Vitamins in Pet Age

 From the Ultimate Health For Dogs™ Product Feature Sheet (used with permission):

Product Feature Points…


Liquid Dog Vitamins*    Liquid Dog Vitamins Formula with Joint Support & Mangosteen – Comes in two sizes 32 oz. & 16 oz.

*     Goes right on your dog’s food, they LOVE the raw pork liver concentrate we use for taste.

*     Has 70 trace minerals.

*     In an apple cider vinegar base.

*     Maintenance only doses of Glucosamine & MSM.

*     All-natural – contains no sugars, malts, or corn syrups.

*     Made in the USA - in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

*     Our factory has a GMP certification – that’s Good Manufacturing Practices – few dog products have it. This certifies the purity of our ingredients.

*     Our product is made in a facility that also makes human products. And the same high quality ingredients are used in our product.

*     Since we have been going to Dog Shows in the Pacific NW for over four years, we have a loyal following of breeders, groomers, and handlers who love what our product does for their dogs.

*     Our 32 oz. bottle represents over a 2-month supply for a dog under 50 pounds.   

*     Suggested retail is $49.95 for 32 oz. and $34.95 for 16 oz.

*     Feeding guidelines by dog’s weight are right on the label.

*     Our product needs no refrigeration, even after the bottle is opened.

*     18-month shelf life with date stamp on each bottle.

*     Not breed or age specific. Good for all life stages of your dog. Safe for pregnant & nursing dogs.

*     Time threshold to see results is generally 3 weeks & we have many customer stories of 1 week.

*  The 16 oz. bottle is not appropriate for large dogs as there is only a 2-week supply for them.

*     Our contact information is on each bottle should any consumer questions arise.

*     We stand by our product and have a 30-day money back guarantee. 


Ultimate Health For Dogs - Liquid Dog Vitamins

About Mangosteen in our Dog Vitamins...

*    Our product is the only dog supplement on the market containing the super-food, Mangosteen. We created it specifically in a cold-processed liquid formula to get the natural goodness of Mangosteen in its most absorbable and most easily administered form into the bodies of dogs everywhere.

*     It is a natural anti-inflammatory & anti-histamine. So dogs stop hurting & stop itching.

*     It is the national fruit of Thailand. Grown commercially in US Territory of Puerto Rico, in Hawaii, in Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia.

*     There are over four decades of scientific, university level studies on this super-food.

*     Mangosteen is one of the most nutrient-dense botanicals on the planet. We use the whole fruit, pulp it, then freeze-dry it and put it in our Liquid Dog Vitamins. It is the workhorse of our product.

*     Once again, the threshold to see results is generally 3 weeks or less, since it is an all-natural product.

*     Side Note:   TV’s Dr. Oz says that mangosteen is one of the five super-foods that should be in your body!


*     We have advertised in Dog Sport Magazine and City Dog Magazine. Been featured on,, We have a presence at Dog Shows on the west coast. Our distributor is Central Pet Supply.


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Testimonials – (shortened versions -read more here):

*     French Bulldog breeder says his dog stopped itching between the toes. Nothing else helped.

*     German Shepherd owner says she was able to greatly reduce Rimadyl dosage.

*     In Washington, the Olympia Police Department has a Master K-9 trainer who uses our product to reduce inflammation resulting from Panosteitis for his younger trainee dog. “Pano” occurs when the bones grow faster than the ligaments.

*     Welsh Springer Spaniels breeder says her 11 & 13 year old girls are getting up off their beds easier and “getting into trouble again.”

*     One Lakewood, Colorado veterinarian said he has never seen a product help with hip dysplasia & itching in the same dog.

*     Groomer says mini Schnauzer she has groomed for three years had black bumps on her back. All but one was gone after just 4 weeks on our product.

*     English Mastiff owner reports 2 year old with scabby rash all over her body - within 3 weeks, the lesions disappeared, her coat became lustrous, and her energy level increased.



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